Interest free business loans being provided to skilled, educated, entrepreneur youngsters: Governor.


KARACHI -- Governor Sindh Imran Ismail on Monday said that skilled, educated and entrepreneur youth were being provided interest free business loans.

Speaking at the International Students Convention and Expo 2019, Governor said that with the loan the youngsters could start their business, according to a statement.

Imran Ismail said that there were huge opportunities for development in various sectors in the country, full support was being provided for international investments, which was increasing. The foreign investments were of tremendous support for poverty alleviation.

He said that private sector was playing an active role in strengthening the national economy. The Governor said that the youngsters prefer going abroad after attaining education from Pakistan, and it was everyone's right to choose his career. He appealed to the youngsters of the country to prefer working in the country and starting businesses here. Imran...

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