Intense cold disrupts life in Balochistan.

QUETTA -- Most parts of Balochistan, including the capital Quetta, are under the grip of intensely cold weather with the mercury dropping to -10AdegC to -15AdegC in some areas.

The extreme weather brought life to a standstill in many cities on Saturday as the water froze in pipelines and frost making highways and link roads slippery, resulting in traffic disruptions.

The maximum temperature dropped from -4AdegC to -10AdegC in northern Balochistan including the provincial capital.

Quetta saw its coldest night of the season on Friday as the maximum temperature was recorded at -4AdegC.

The city presented a deserted look as harsh weather forced people indoors. Most shops and shopping malls remained closed due to cold weather which will persist till January 17, according to the Met Department.

The weather also disrupted the water supply as pipelines burst after water froze inside them.

The minimum temperature in Ziarat valley was -15AdegC during the night...

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