Int'l tribunal must try Modi for war crimes: AJK president.

ISLAMABAD -- AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has demanded an international tribunal to try Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for war crimes in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

"If the cronies of fascist dictators like Hitler, the Italian dictator Mussolini, and Milosevic of Yugoslavia can be tried and awarded severe punishments for committing war crimes, why Modi and his partners cannot be tried for their involvement in the same crimes," he questioned.

Addressing two separate webinars organized by Scottish Human Rights Forum and the Pakistan Embassy in Sudan, he said that India has always given the impression about the isolation of Pakistan and Jammu and the people of Jammu and Kashmir, but the ground realities are totally different as is evident from demonstration of solidarity with the Kashmiri people across the globe.

Touching upon the latest situation of occupied Kashmir, the state president said that the Kashmiris were being displaced from their own homeland.

The exact figures of the incidents in the held territory are not available because of communicate blockade, but it can be confidently stated that the Kashmiris are being mercilessly butchers, rendered physically disabled and deprived of eyesight while the youth are being arrested under black laws like the so-called public safety act and the armed forces special powers act, and are being thrown in the prison without trial.

"The people of Jammu and Kashmir are faced with a terrible war, and what India is doing is ethnic cleansing and genocide", he said regretting that the powerful world capital are silent despite support of the international civil society and media to the Kashmiri people.

While declaring occupied Kashmir as hotspot of state terrorism and Islamophobia, Sardar Masood Khan appealed to the Scottish parliamentarians to contact their government and counterparts across the world, and persuade them to speak in favor of the Kashmiri people, and hold India strictly accountable for its crimes against mankind.

He maintained that the people of Kashmir are being alienated, disenfranchised and dispossessed of their land. The situation is very serious and it's hard to put it in...

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