'Inmates with mental disorders increasing'.

ISLAMABAD -- Presence of people with mental disorders in detention facilities is steadily increasing in Pakistan.

According to authorities, there are approximately 4,688 prisoners on death row in Pakistan, of which 188 mentally ill are in Punjab alone.

This was stated by Executive Director, Justice Project Pakistan, Sarah Belal while speaking at a consultative dialogue on 'Mental Healthcare in Detention Facilities'.

The event was organised by the National Academy for Prison Administration in collaboration with International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Justice Project Pakistan at a local hotel.

Ms Belal said: 'Mentally ill people are not responsible for their crimes because the intention element is not always there or at least not to the same extent.'

Consultant psychiatrist Asma Humayun in her presentation said it was extremely important to develop a mechanism to identify people who were at risk of mental disorders or were already mentally unwell when they are entering detention facilities.

'Many prisoners might not have mental disorders but instead might be suffering from learning disabilities. A majority of prisoners suffering from common mental disorders can be treated by...

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