Industrial Relations, Labour-management News - National and International - Shaheen Air Owners Shut Operation, Flee Abroad Without Paying Salaries and Legal Dues of 2800 Employees


The Shaheen Air International domestic and international operations have been suspended since October as its owners fled the country owing Rs. 1.36 billions to Civil Aviation Authority and months of upaid salaries and legal dues of 2,800 employees who held demonstrations in major cities, reported on December 7.

Shaheen Air owners Chairman Kashif Mehmud Sehbai and Chief Executive Officer Ehsan Khalid Sehbai fled the country despite a request last September by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to the interior ministry to place their names on the Exit Control List (ECL), an official of the CAA said on December 6. He said the CAA had suspended SAI’s flight operations owing to non-payment of its dues of Rs1.36 billion and owes dues to its 2,800 employees.

SAI’s acting CEO Javed Sehbai said that the airline was ready to clear its liability provided the CAA allowed it to resume its operations forthwith. “We have not said we will not clear our liability. The SAI owners had gone abroad to arrange funds for the purpose. We request the CAA to let us resume the SAI flight operations so that we could pay (outstanding) salaries to the staff,” he added.

A senior SAI pilot said...

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