Indus stories.

Byline: Peerzada Salman

KARACHI -- The Indus has, over the years, inspired artists, writers and poets especially from Sindh to come up with their versions of the river and how it has helped shape them as individuals and their society.

An exhibition of artworks made by the faculty of the Centre of Excellence in Art and Design (CEAD), Jamshoro, titled Where the Indus Flows at the Koel Gallery aims to achieve something similar.

The participating (more than a dozen) artists have come up with some remarkable paintings and sculptures that pay tribute to the river and at the same time speak volumes for the prodigious talent that these creative men and women have.

Kashif Shahzad sings praises of the land with his scenic oil-on-canvas paintings 'Wild Garden' and 'Kirthar'. He makes a moving sequence the flowing water, the swaying trees and the gentle atmosphere stand still so the season it typifies can be thoroughly absorbed by the viewer.

Saba Qayoom Leghari brings the houses in Sindh into the equation with her colourful depiction of a 'House at Sindh University' and another in 'Bhittai Nagar'. There's vibrancy to her art that is so refreshing. The way...

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