Indonesian Embassy, Lahore Museum to launch photo exhibition.

ISLAMABAD -- The Embassy of Indonesia in collaboration with Lahore Museum will inaugurate a week: long photo exhibition titled 'A Night at Lahore Museum:

Tracing the confluence of Civilisations between Indonesia and Pakistan,' on June 17 at Lahore Museum. Talking to the officials of Lahore Museum and journalists in Islamabad, the Ambassador of Indonesia Adam Tugio invited the Pakistani friends to the exhibition and to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the two Muslim brotherly countries.

'Let's embrace the spirit of friendship and witness together the exciting display of cross: cultural connectivity and convergence of Indonesia: Pakistan civilization through past and present journeys,' he added.

Director of the Lahore Museum, Muhammad Usman appreciated the initiative of this joint collaboration by the embassy to strengthen the two way historic religious cultural linkages and assured full cooperation from Lahore Museum to make this event successful and attractive for all visitors.

The exhibition...

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