Indian police officer tells anti-citizenship law protesters to 'go to Pakistan'.


NEW DELHI -- A senior police officer in India's Uttar Pradesh state has been caught on camera telling residents protesting the country's new citizenship law to "go to Pakistan", 'Indian Express' reported on Saturday.

The video shared on Twitter was shot in the Lisari Gate neighbourhood of UP's Meerut city on December 20, when five Muslim men died in clashes between protesters and police.

India has been convulsed by the broadest unrest in at least seven years after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist government brought in the Citizenship Amendment Act, which many see as discriminatory against Muslims, who make up 14 per cent of the population.

The law, which offers fast-track citizenship to non-Muslim nationals from three neighbouring countries, is the latest policy instituted by Modi's government that critics accuse of marginalising Muslims in the Hindu-majority nation.

The video clip shows Superintendent of Police City Akhilesh N Singh saying: 'Kahan jaoge, is gali ko theek kar doonga (Where will you go, I will sort out this lane)', referring to four protesters that the police were chasing, according to 'Indian Express'.

The officer then turns to three men standing in the mainly Muslim locality and says: 'Yeh jo kaali aur peeli patti baande huye hain inse keh do Pakistan chale jao. Khaoge yahan ka, gaoge kahin aur ka? Yeh gali mujhe yaad ho gayi hai. Aur jab mujhe yaad ho jaata hai toh mein naani tak puhanch jaata hun (The ones tying black and yellow bands, tell them to go to Pakistan. You eat here but sing praises of another place? This lane is now familiar to me. And once...

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