India waged war on several fronts: AJK president.


MIRPUR [AJK] -- Azad Jammu and Kashmir President, Sardar Masood Khan Friday underlined that freedom could neither be attained nor maintained without ending prejudices and bias because nations were build by not promoting prejudices but ending these ills.

"If Great Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon) had exercised prejudice and bias (Allah forbids), Islam would have been confined to Makkah and Medina today and the number of Muslims across the world would never have touched two billion," he added.

Addressing launching of two books Meezan-e-Zeest and Azad Jammu Kashmir Constitution (in historical backdrop) authored by former AJK Chief Justice Syed Manzoorul Hassan Gilani in the State's metropolis late Thursday, he regretted that the culture of book writing and reading had almost diminished in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir though book writing was a laborious job and it required energy and resources.

He paid great tributes to Syed Manzoorul Hassan Gilani for writing not one but two books despite resource constraint. He maintained that in one book, Gilani had made the constitution a document understandable for the common man, and had also facilitated the general masses in understanding balance among the three state pillars i.e. judiciary, legislative and executive in terms of their rights and obligations.

"The book will certainly facilitate in implementing and enforcing constitution and law in the state and will help the common citizens to have access to justice," he added.

Referring to the situation prevailing in occupied Kashmir, the AJK president regretted that we could not help our brothers and sisters in occupied Kashmir in getting the Indian siege and curfew lifted despite passage of 81 days.

"Our fight against India is on several fronts. On one hand it outrages dignity of our brethren...

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