India scared of voices of conscience in IIoJK: Fahim Kayani.

LONDON -- Kashmiris are undergoing a critical time as the fascist Indian regime has now started targeting intellectual class of the society in Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK).

Condemning the arrest of pharmacy scholar and Kashmir's top student leader Ala Fazili and sacking of renowned law Professor Sheikh Showkat Hussain as college principal, Kashmiri diaspora has called on the voices of conscience to speak on Kashmir and hold India accountable on its crimes against humanity inflicted on people of the IIoJK.

'Prof. Hussain and Mr Fazili are people of conscience who put interest of Kashmiris above everything,' said Raja Fahim Kayani, President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK.

The Indian military regime in IIoJK early this month sacked Prof. Hussain for being voice of conscience in support of UN-granted right to self-determination while the terror-spreading Indian forces raided house of and arrested Mr Fazili for an article regarding freedom movement in IIoJK which was published in 2011.

'This is alarming that the Indian fascists are targeting cream of the Kashmiri society,' Raja Fahim Kayani warned. 'The aim is to just spread terror among intellectual class to ensure no sane voices writes or speaks.'

Raja Fahim Kayani said this is the same policy that Nazis applied during their time in 1930s. 'The voice of an intellectual terrorizes a colonial power because the intellectual speak truth to power and in case of Kashmir, India is targeting everyone who dares to speak for right to self-determination,' said the Kashmir leader in the UK.

The Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK leader, however, said, 'Kashmir will produce hundreds more who will not be cowed down as has been scripted in the history that Kashmiris did not bow before the one million Indian occupying forces.'

'It is because of the grit, capacity and ability of Mr Fazili that he rose to become a scholar in pharmaceutical studies while Prof. Hussain has been the...

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