India's appeasement a replay of Munich Agreement: Masood.


ISLAMABAD -- President of Azad Jammu Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan has said that India's appeasement by major powers, in the aftermath of the invasion, siege and colonization of the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir on August 5 this year, was reminiscent of the 1938 Munich Agreement when western powers acquiesced to Hitler's land grab in Czechoslovakia and later of Poland.

This appeasement led to a devastating war, genocide and pogrom, he said while speaking at the Centre of Excellence (Faizan-i-Islam), said a press release received here Thursday

The President said that the situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK) was not much different even at the moment. He said that the people of London cannot fully visualize the pain and suffering the people of IOJK, where the entire population was besieged in their own homes and homeland, where thousands of young men had been abducted by the occupation forces and were being tortured in prison houses, where entire political leadership was behind bars, where women were being molested and raped, and where the entire territory had become an economic wasteland.

President Masood Khan said that what kind of mockery was it that the puppet Governor of the occupied territory and his masters sitting in Delhi were saying that the situation in IOJK was 'normal'. It was a jailer's definition of normal situation with the difference that in this mass prison, innocent, unarmed people were being incarcerated and brutalized as a nation.

'This was India's new normal'. Let the people of Kashmir say the situation is normal, and they would say that only when their fundamental rights, including the right to self-determination, have been restored.

Sardar Masood Khan thanked the UK Parliament for holding a debate on Jammu and Kashmir after the illegal steps taken by India on August 5; and the Labour Party for adopting a strong resolution on Kashmir. In this regard, he especially acknowledged and applauded the role of the Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora community in the UK which had influenced public opinion inside and outside the Parliament through effective lobbying, vigils, rallies, processions, demonstrations, and conferences. 'Your voice had an impact and it will continue to have its resonance in the UK, Europe and across the Atlantic.'

The President said that while the international media and human rights organisations have been clamouring for end to India's repression in IOJK, the UN Security Council has been...

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