India lobbying against GSP: Plus status: Sarwar - I am sure the GSP: Plus issue will be resolved, as I have held meetings with members of European.


LAHORE -- Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that India is hatching conspiracies against extension in GSP: Plus status for Pakistan.

'However, I am sure that the matter of GSP: Plus status will be resolved as I have held meetings with members of the European Parliament and human rights bodies there to counter India's propaganda,' he said while talking to reporters at Governor's House on Sunday.

In his interaction with the media, the governor spoke about his recent visit to Europe and his meetings with European Parliament's Vice President Fabio Massimo, Chairman of European Parliament's Committee for Foreign Affairs David Macalister, chairperson of European Parliament's Committee for Human Right and over three dozen members of the European Parliament.

Sarwar told reporters that most of the members of the European Parliament apprised him that India was hatching conspiracies against Pakistan by making terrorism and other factors as points of contention. 'But I have briefed in detail all the members of the parliament about the sacrifices of Pakistan against terrorism and steps taken under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan for protection of human rights.

After my briefing, all of them assured me of extending support to Pakistan,' he said, adding that Pakistan had earlier attained the GSP: Plus status and the issue of its extension would be resolved soon. He said that Pakistan had managed to reap the benefit of over $15 billion through GSP: Plus status. Extension in GSP: Plus status, he added, would be a great success of Pakistan on economic front and good news for the business community as well.

The governor said that during his meetings with European parliamentarians, he had apprised them of India's war hysteria in the region, more than 100 days of curfew...

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