India: Curfew, internet closures as govt bans assembly.


NEW DELHI -- Authorities in India imposed a curfew in the southern city of Mangaluru on Friday after ten people died in violence related to nationwide protests over a new citizenship law. The internet was also shut down in parts of northern India to curb unrest over the law, which opponents say threatens India's secular democracy and paves the way for a Hindu state. Security was tightened around mosques in New Delhi, Lucknow and other Muslim-dominated areas amid fears of violent demonstrations following Friday prayers.

Aban on assemblies larger than four people was imposed for a third day in the capital and other cities in the states of Assam and Uttar Pradesh. Thousands of protesters rallied at New Delhi's Jama Masijd mosque despite a large number of officers in attendance. Late on Friday, police used a water cannon to prevent protesters marching toward a monument in Central Delhi that has been a hub for demonstrations. Another protest at the capital's Jamia Millia Islamia University drew some 10,000 people. Violence was reported in several towns in Uttar Pradesh, with police using tear gas and batons to disperse protesters.

The deaths in Mangalaru have...

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