India biggest obstacle in making breakthrough in border talks with China: Experts.

BEIJING -- The biggest obstacle in making a breakthrough in China-India corps commander level meetings lies in India's objective, which is not simply reaching disengagement of troops from friction points, but to use the talks to compel China to withdraw and allow India to carry out patrols and occupy Chinese territories in certain areas.

Liu Zongyi, secretary-general of the Research Center for China-South Asia Cooperation at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, told the Global Times.

India has been thinking highly of itself lately, including in relevant talks. India perceives its current position in the triangular relationship of India, China, and the US to be analogous to China's position during the Cold War era among the triangular relations of China, the US, and the Soviet Union.

Given India's favorable geopolitical circumstances, it believes China needs to ease relations with India so as to deal with the strategic pressure, Liu said.

The reality is that India's effort to play the US card against China on border issues is futile. 'China will not make major concessions to India on border disputes, particularly on territorial issues, due to concerns over India's strategic drift toward the US,' Long Xingchun, a professor at the School of International Relations at Sichuan International Studies University, told Global Times.

As long as the talks continue, there will be no collapse in bilateral ties, and no new military confrontation or conflict. The meeting itself is a diplomatic posture, Long said.

A future resolution of China-India border issues will depend on China and India, not any other third party. China and India are independent sovereign countries, neither will allow a scenario that could turn themselves into cannon...

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