In the eyes of Non-Muslim scholars.

There is a vast collection of writings and quotations from a wide variety of Non-Muslim notables-including academics, writers, philosophers, poets, politicians, and activists. The collection signifies the respect the Prophet commands. Scholars of all religions expressed a high degree of respect to the Prophet PBUH since the emergence of his message. Even the learned and educated Non-Muslims of all societies understand his sublime place in the world. However, for those who are ignorant, the torchbearers of the right path assume responsibility to educate and bring them to the light.

It seems as though the western society may have become insensitive, to an extent, to spiritual personalities on account of their own beliefs. It is difficult for them to comprehend the level of respect extended by Muslims to all prophets-especially their love for the Prophet (PBUH). Despite such differences in religious thoughts, the Prophet (PBUH) attracts a high degree of respect throughout history.

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It is a vital point that his prophethood was affirmed first by a Christian priest. Similarly, a Christian king from Africa extended the first political support to the Muslims. In the modern world too, all those who get an opportunity to study his teachings and the social structure he introduced greatly appreciate him. He has always been respected and acknowledged by historians and intellectuals of all societies. The excerpts of their writings encompass various facets of his life and the effects of his message on the entire humanity of all times. As such, it is vital to understand the perception of the Prophet and his message through the eyes of other religions.

For instance, Alfred Guillermo, a scholar of Islam and the Hebrew Bible, said, 'Muhammad accomplished his purpose in the course of three small engagements: the number of combatants in these never exceeded a few thousand, but in importance they rank among the world's decisive battles.'

Similarly, Alphonse de LaMartaine, a French writer, poet and politician, said in Historie de la Turquie, 'If greatness of purpose, smallness of means, and outstanding results are the three criteria of human genius, who could dare to compare any great man in modern history with Muhammad? The most famous men created arms and empires only. They founded, if any at all, no more than material power that often crumbled away before their eyes. This man merged not only...

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