In bed with a mosquito . . !

IF you think you're too small to make a difference, you've obviously never been in bed with a mosquito.' Quite often I see people who don't want to be noticed. It's not that they are not noticed, it's just that they feel that by blending into the background, nobody will be aware of their existence. 'Come forward!' I tell them, when we play a game. 'No!' They tell me, 'We are too shy!'It's not easy to be confident. I agree. And in today's world very often, being confident can be a put down. You decide you want to tell a joke, and at that time the phone belonging to your listener rings. The waiter walks over to your table and after the phone conversation has ended or the waiter left you feel nobody wants to listen to you.Be patient. Watch others. Phones always ring. Waiters always turn up. What do others do? They don't wait for the phone conversation to end. They don't look angrily at the waiter. They look patient. In fact they smile at the waiter, they do something else while you talk on the phone, and then when the conversation is over and the waiter left they continue enlivening you with the rest of their conversation.Be bold, be...

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