Imran 'Wants To Prepare' PTI Supporters For 'Real Jihad' To Stop Suicide Attacks.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said SatAurday that dams are vital to adAdress challenges of floods.

'The water storage capacity could also help irrigate crops,' ImAran Khan stated this during his visit to flood hit areas in Rajanpur. The current flood is test for us and we need a better strategy to deal with this challenge, Khan said, adding, Morang and Sawar dams in hill torrents are very much imAportant to avoid floods' damages in future'. Imran Khan also directAed local party representatives to keep in contact with the affectees Imran Khan assured the flood affectees that they would be given full compensation against their losses. The chairman maintained the money deAposited in the relief funds, would be spent on the rehabilitation of the affectees. Earlier, he visitAed flood hit areas and expressed sympathy with the affectees. On this occasion, Provincial minisAters Mohsin Khan Leghari, Sardar Husnain BahaAdar, Aon Abbas Bappy, Sardar Nasarullah Khan Daraishak, Farooq Aman Ullah, Sardar Owais DaAraishak, former CM Usman Buzdar and many othAers were also present.

Also, Imran Khan on Saturday claimed that his party received Rs 2.3 billion out of Rs5 billion, pledges in response to his flood relief telethon.

Former prime minister Khan also...

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