Imran's sons will join march, hopes PPP.

LAHORE -- Pakistan People's Party Punjab chapter General Secretary Syed Hasan Murtaza hopes that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan's sons will join the long march their father has started from Lahore.

Welcoming the arrival of Kasim Khan and Sulaiman Isa Khan in the Punjab capital from London on Thursday, the PPP leader expressed hope that both of young sons of Khan would lead the long march, which resumed from Wazirabad.

Murtaza said it would be a pleasure to see the sons of the Kaptaan walking side by side with the workers' children in the long march.

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'We should welcome the Kaptaan's sons joining politics in Pakistan, learning the national language Urdu and delivering speeches at the long march and other public meetings,' he said.

Imran Khan's sons Kasim and Sulaiman have come to pay a visit to their father who survived an assassination attempt in Wazirabad during his party's long march on Islamabad.


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