Imran's Facilitators Must Stop Irrelevant Intervention In Politics: Saad Rafique.

Aviation Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique Monday urged people said that the only solution to aver the political crisis that facilitators of Imran Khan sitting in the institutions must stop intervention and let political forces decide about the political decisions.

Saad Rafique talking in Lahore alleged that 'Project Imran Khan' facilitators wanted to attack the parliamentary democracy of Pakistan followed by blue-eyed appointments in the Pakistan Armed Forces and judiciary and finally facilitators of Imran wanted to change the spirit of the Constitution of 1973.

He said if coalition parties would not bring no-confidence move against Imran then Imran with the help of facilitators would get two-third majority.

He urged let politicians decide about the political decisions and if Imran khan wants to remove our government but only through the constitutionally no-confidence motion.

He said...

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