Imran's copter rides cost nation Rs434m, Senate told.

ISLAMABAD -- The Senate session was informed on Friday that during his three years, eight months and 23 days in power, former prime minister Imran Khan used helicopter and the total hours of VVIP misAAsions were 1,579.8 while a total of Rs434.43 million was incurred on these trips.

During the question hour, the senators exchanged barbs over the use of copter by then PM Khan from his Banigala resideAnce to the PM House, which cost the nation Rs434.43m from 2019 to March 2022.

State Minister Shahadat Awan said that a prime minister who used to lecture the country's politicians and bureaucrats on simplicity and wanted to fix them had planned an austerity drive and promised to be part of it as well but actually opted for travel by helicopter that cost the nation millions during his tenure.

He noted the Public Accounts ComAmitAtee had taken its notice for recovery and directed NAB as well to look into the matter. He said that the matter might be refAerAred to the standing committee concerned. Senator Bahramand Tangi, who had asked the question, wondered how a prime minister cost the nation such a colossal amount in the name of austerity drive while his federal minister used to claim the prime minister's helicopter travel cost at Rs55 per kilometer whereas Minister Murtaza Javed Abbasi clarified that in aviation, hours and not kilometers, were counted.

He contended that the nation could not be fooled by their corrupt leader and the ministers of former PTI government should be ashamed of themselves.

JI seeks end to privileges, perks and VVIP protocol of judges, generals, lawmakers due to country's grim economic situation

Giving a reference to details of assets of parliamentarians issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan, Jamaat-i-Islami lawmaker said that that politicians were becoming millionaires and billionaires but unfortunately the poor people of the country were not getting wheat flour.

He demanded that privileges, concessions, and VVIP protocols being given to judges...

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