Imran open to going to IMF to shore up economy if he returns to power Bloomberg.

Former prime minister Imran Khan believes that Pakistan cannot shun the idea of reaching out to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for an economic bailout any sooner and says his party, if returns to power, will 'have no choice' except to stick to the lender's support.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the former premier minced no words while sharing his 'radical plan' to shore up the ailing national economy with the IMF also having a part of it.

'If we get into power, we won't have much time,' Imran told the interviewer.

When asked if his plan would involve sticking with the IMF, the PTI chief replied: 'We have no choice now.'

The incumbent government - PTI's opponents - has been making hectic efforts to convince the IMF to complete the review, pending since Sept 2022 - which will be followed by the release of funds.

However, the strings attached to the move have been a sticking point between the global lender and Pakistan.

The conditions include the withdrawal of subsidies of electricity subsidies, rationalising of gas tariffs in line with prices in the international market, market-determined exchange rate and removal of the ban on the opening of LCs.

As it enters the election year, the ruling coalition is wary of implementing the demands as it would lead to a further surge in inflation, already clocking 24.5pc for December. The government blames the previous Imran-led administration for violating an agreement with the lender that allegedly aggravated the economic crisis in the country.

In his Bloomberg interview, the former premier said his government will have to...

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