Imran Khan will definitely face defeat: PM.

ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Shehbaz SharAif Friday said that the ideology of Pakistan is more sacred and powerful than the wicked and selfish ambitions of Imran Khan.

In a tweet on Friday, he said the more he thinks of the tragAic incidents of May 9, he feels more grieved and angry that how an individual after failing to get power, has attacked the state with his narrative of hatred and gangs of rioters. The prime minister said after polarizing the society, Imran Khan has now started ridiculing the state instiAtutions but he will face defeat.

Also, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday directed the auAthorities concerned to ensure that the impact of a reduction in petroleum prices was shifted to the masses in the form of deAcreased transport fares and pricAes of eatables.

The prime minister, chairing the meeting of the Federal CabiAnet, asked the Interior Ministry and the district administrations across the country to ensure the reduction in commodities' prices.

Calling for strict action against the profiteers, he said the transAport fares and eatables' prices should be reduced in proportion to the 11 percent decrease in the petroleum prices announced by the government.

Apprising the Federal Cabinet about his visit to Iran on ThursAday, the prime minister said PaAkistan desired to enhance coopAeration with the neighbouring country in multiple sectors.

He told the meeting...

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