Imran Khan says eradication of the polio virus is vital nation.


Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the nation to join the government's polio eradication attempts to ensure uninterrupted national economic development and for building an optimistic image of Pakistan. Addressing the launching ceremony of the National Immunisation Campaign, the Imran Khan said that eradication of the polio virus was vital for both the children as well as the future of the nation. During the three-day drive starting on December 16, almost 39.6 million children would be vaccinated across the country by around 260,000 vaccinators. The campaign is being held in what is called the low season in which the virus usually weakens because of winter and is eliminated through such vaccination drives.

The prime minister, who earlier also administered polio drops to children, advised mothers having children of up to 5-year age, to approach vaccination centres personally in case they have been missed by vaccination teams. Primer said unluckily the country was among two countries still infected with the polio virus globally...

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