Imran Khan's Lawyer Engages in Altercation Outside Supreme Court.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan's lawyer, Sher Afzal Khan Marwat, was involved in a scuffle with a civilian outside the Supreme Court gates. This incident marked the second time in a month that Marwat was embroiled in a physical altercation.

A video of the incident depicted Marwat and a man grappling with each other. Another individual struck the civilian, while a police officer and another lawyer intervened to stop the fight. In a separate video, the same man was seen hitting the civilian, who was lying on the ground while Marwat kicked him.

The altercation began when the citizen directed an abusive remark at Marwat, leading to the altercation. Marwat claimed the...

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