Imran Khan finally heads home after a hiccup.

After hours-long hiccup compounded by gunshots outside the Islamabad High Court (IHC), PTI chief Imran Khan was on Friday night finally allowed to leave as the IHC had granted him bails in multiple cases including the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case.

In a video message released before his departure from the IHC, he urged the nation to gear up for "peaceful protests" saying when no one cared for the constitution and powerful reigned supreme [people should come out]. "They have ill intentions and they want to do something again," he added.

Mr Khan said three hours had elapsed since they kept him inside the court adding that they were not letting him leave. 'They are making excuses,' he added.

He went on to say that he wanted to tell the nation that the IHC had granted bails in all the cases adding that he was a free man now. 'Despite that, they have kidnapped me here inside the court,' he added.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad police spokesperson stated that Islamabad IGP was overviewing the security arrangements in place adding that IHC's orders would be fully complied with. "Mr Khan's secuity is our responsibility and we seek his cooepration in this regard," he added.

Mr Khan had been allowed to leave the IHC premises through the Judges' gate, a gate only opened for judges of the court, due to security concerns.

Gunshots outside IHC

Minutes earlier, as gunshots were heard in G-11 and G-13 sectors ahead of Mr Khan's departure from the court, security was beefed up.

On the other hand, Mr Khan, while giving a 15-minute ultimatum to the law enforcers to ensure his security clearance from the IHC, said if...

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