Implementation of 'Uniform Curriculum' to provide equal education.


ISLAMABAD -- The government's efforts for the implementation of "Uniform Curriculum" would achieve goals of "education for all' including 100 percent literacy rate, said an official from Ministry of Human Rights (MoHR) here on Tuesday.

Talking to reporter, she said that MoHR has taken initiative to add a chapter on Human Rights as compulsory from Class 1st to class 10th and "Uniform Curriculum" which would promote the importance of equal rights.

She said that MoHR also drew the attention of Ministry of Education for their policy related to minorities' rights and asked them to include a subject book on "Ikhlaqiat" (Morality) rather than book on Islamiyat as subject.

She said that the implementation of "Uniform Curriculum" would increase the literacy rate from the ground to high level also.

She further added that the government is committed to provide...

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