Illuminated stalls of 'multi-color Bangles' attract women ahead of Eid.

ISLAMABAD -- With the festivity of Eid-ul-Fitr, a number of eye-catching illuminated stalls carrying multi-color 'Bangles' are attracting women buyers as traditional bangles are considered as the most glamorous fashion accessory which is specifically worn on special occasions like Eid.

Buying matching dress bangles is an essential part of Eid preparations for all the women especially young girls and they consider their eid incomplete without wearing bangles, said a report aired by a private news channel.

Whatever the value or tradition, matching color bangles are a passion of women and they let no opportunity to adorn their arms with wearing matching bangles on every special occasions, said a vendor.

A seller said that the number of women customers is gradually picking up after iftar and hopefully it will go further up as Eid-ul-Fitr approaches nearer.

Eid shopping remains incomplete without Bangles, said a women.

Every woman wants to look different and attractive with wearing matching accessories specially bangles which gives them an extra...

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