Illegal rickshaws in Peshawar declared security risk.


PESHAWAR -- Illegal auto rickshaws in Peshawar have been declared a security risk after a blast in a rickshaw outside the Peshawar High Court (PHC). A blast happened in a rickshaw outside the PHC on Monday in which 11 persons, including a policeman, were injured. Initially, it was believed that it was a gas cylinder blast, but investigations showed that the rickshaw was in fact carrying about five kg explosive material which caused the blast. Four more vehicles and another rickshaw were also damaged in the blast. No banned outfit claimed responsibility for the blast. Details about the registration of the rickshaw used in the blast have been sought from the Excise Department. At least seven terrorist attacks have happened in Peshawar during the last one year in which rickshaws were used. According to an estimate,

there are at least...

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