Illegal occupation of housing society case: IHC seeks reply from chairman, secretary OPF.


ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad High Court (IHC) has sought reply from chairman and secretary Overseas Pakistan Foundation (OPF) till June 24 in the case of implementation of FIA report in the matter of alleged occupation of private housing society .

The Chief Justice (CJ) of IHC remarked during the hearing of the case Wednesday the competent authority should tell what forum has been formed to redress the grievances of overseas Pakistanis. The overseas Pakistanis are facing difficulties in returning to Pakistan in the face of coronavirus.

The court inquired can overseas Pakistanis not appear in the courts. Has government any policy for them.

The court issued orders that chairman Overseas Pakistan Foundation should appoint officer to assist the court.

The court ordered to convert application of Pakistan origin British citizen Zahida Javed Salim to petition.

The court remarked ' overseas Pakistanis are facing miserable circumstances and no one is there to address their problems. Overseas Pakistanis cannot come to Pakistan at present for want of financial resources.

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