IHRA's regular examination of health establishments continues.

ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA) has continued with regular monitoring of health establishments in the federal capital to ensure the provision of standard medical services for citizens.

According to an official of the authority, substandard medical setups will not be allowed to continue working in the federal capital while only quality health establishments would be permitted to continue their work.

He said that in order to regulate these health establishments, the authority was working on standards and after completing its documentation work on these standards, health establishments would be examined on a regular basis to know whether these standards were observed or not.

Moreover, the license will be issued to the eligible setups to operate in the federal capital while the authority will not allow working all such setups with having poor service delivery system.

He said these steps aimed at ensuring that formal or informal and public or private healthcare services to the citizens of the federal capital were at par with the international standards to further internationally recognize these services also.

He said, "We are ready to perform our role of policing for legal health establishments also to protect citizens from wrongdoings of the health setups as we have been given mandate with the power to ask from these setups about any illegality with citizens.

He added, "We have field teams who conduct visits to personally monitor the standards of health facilities in the federal capital besides completing routine assessments."

He said that the main objective of IHRA is to regulate healthcare services and establishments in the federal capital.

The official warned the private laboratories to face action for not adopting the regulations and appropriate treatment methods for the safe...

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