IHC CJ Athar Minallah seeks 'exemplary punishment' for lawyers involved in IHC rampage.

ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad High Court (IHC) Chief Justice Athar Minallah, expressing displeasure over last week's ransacking of the high court on Monday, called for lawyers involved in the attack to be given exemplary punishment.

The judge made these remarks while hearing the case pertaining to the lawyers' February 8 rampage. Hundreds of lawyers ransacked the high court's premises, including the IHC CJ's chambers, during a protest over demolition of illegally built lawyers' chambers.

During the proceeding, Secretary of the IHC's Bar Association, Sohail Akbar Chaudhry, asked the court to form a judicial commission to investigate the case.

However, Justice Minallah observed that, "you all know well who did all this; the case doesn't need a commission." "The bar should identify those who were involved in the attack so that no one else is harassed,' he added.

The judge further said that all those involved in the attack were lawyers of the bar, adding "I know half of them".

He observed that those who kept the judges hostage for five hours have committed a grave crime. "It is a serious incident and those involved should be punished," he added.

Justice Athar Minallah further said that he had received a call form the chief justice too, who asked what action was being taken against the rampaging lawyers.

"However, I told him that I don't want to create a scene at the high court by taking action," Justice Minallah said. He added that, "the integrity of the bar is at stake because of the wrongdoing of a 100 people."

He further said, "The Joint Investigation...

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