IGP holds 'weak prosecution' responsible for low rate of conviction.

HYDERABAD -- Sindhs' Inspector General of Police Ghulam Nabi Memon has said that weak prosecution results in acquittal of suspects as inept investigating officers do not work adequately on their cases, leaving lacunas that create doubts in the minds of judges and they prefer to avoid conviction.

Mr Memon said at a briefing at local press club on Tuesday evening that police were a basic unit of criminal justice system but their performance remained below par. He planned to bring reforms in the investigation wing, which needed to be upgraded to have maximum conviction rate, he said.

He said that it was only possible when competent IOs were recruited and investigation of cases was incentivised. 'We have proposed that 50pc of the cost of investigation should be paid to the IOs concerned in advance and the remaining amount should be paid after the completion of the probe. In case of conviction the prosecutor and the IO must be rewarded,' he said.

He said that a weak prosecution resulted in acquittal of suspects. Under new legislation, recovery of 50 gram narcotics was punishable with death penalty but it was possible only after the IO had prepared a strong case, he said.

'We are going for short term improvement initially and preparing a list of IOs who will be posted for three years...

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