IG Punjab orders strict scrutiny against officers, orders SHOs with poor service record to be removed by tomorrow.

LAHORE: Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Inam Ghani on Monday sais officers against whom criminal cases are pending or whose service record is bad should never be posted as SHO, and directed all command officers to remove such SHOs from their posts by tomorrow and send report to Central Police Office.

The police chief said that the role of SHOs is crucial in implementing Police reforms, changing police station culture and improving the working of police stations.

IGP gave these orders while presiding over a meeting held at the Central Police Office as relevant issues related to deployment of SHOs and further improvement in police station matters were discussed in detail.

During the meeting the IG said the deployment of SHOs should be made more transparent and merit based, for which detailed guidelines are being issued to eradicate crime from the society and expedite the process of providing service delivery to the citizens and resolving their problems as well as services of competent officers with excellent service record and good reputation may be benefitted.

He further said that an officer who has not worked in the Investigation Wing or Police Station for two years as an investigator should never be posted as SHO, but he added that it will be necessary for the concerned officer to seek permission from the RPO for removal of any SHO before the period of three months.

The IG said that if any CPO or DPO deviates from these guidelines and appoints SHO, the...

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