IG Punjab holds press conference to inform about details of terrorist incident in Sialkot.

LAHORE -- Inspector General Police Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar held a press conference at the Central Police Office here on Friday in the context of the terrorist incident that happened two days ago in Sialkot.

Additional IG CTD Wasim Ahmed Khan and DPO Sialkot Muhammad Hasan Iqbal were also present on the occasion.

The IG Punjab while talking to journalists said, "I am sitting with CTD today and talking to you on a very important topic. Take this as breaking news or a preparation for an upcoming press conference. In the second press conference, all the evidences that we have to present in the courts will be brought before you."

There have been attacks on the state of Pakistan before but their morale and determination has never dwindled. Pakistan has bravely faced even more tragic incidents, he added.

"The purpose of calling you today is to tell you that the security institutions of Pakistan, including the police, counter-terrorism department, all the intelligence agencies have traced a terrorism incident in Pakistan within 24 hours." After identifying the accused person, they have been arrested and their future plans foiled.

He has a very clear message to those plotting against Pakistan is that they keep doing their work, and 'we will keep exposing your true face to the whole world with evidences'.

"Our foreign office and other institutions are working for global peace and the masterminds and those planning against the peace will be exposed to the world," he added.

The IG Punjab further said that their lame excuses like 'they did this due to that' are going to be exposed now.

False accusations were made against Pakistan which were exposed before the world.

Now, they will have to run themselves and the Pakistani nation will prove to the world that they are liars, evil doers and terrorists, he added.

Speaking to the media representatives, the IG Punjab further said that few persons were martyred by firing inside a mosque in Sialkot. DPO Sialkot and his team responded to the incident and collected important evidences from the crime scene.

Our intelligence agencies in particular CTD using latest technology and softwares like Hotel Eye, Face Trace traced the accused persons involved. 'They have arrested the accused persons and are sitting in front of you today by securing Pakistan and now these accused are being produced in the courts', IGP said. As the evidence is presented in the courts, it will be disseminated to the media as well, he added.


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