Hypertension, a silent killer, needs balanced life :experts.

LAHORE -- Hypertension was a silent killer and mother of all major diseases but unfortunately majority of people who were suffering from the disease were unaware of its disastrous impacts on their bodies, families and entire society.

These views were expressed by the health experts of the Lahore General Hospital (LGH) in a sitting held here on Wednesday.

The experts described that the hypertension or high blood pressure was a silent killer as it often had no symptoms, saying that in Pakistan around 70 percent of people were unaware, which led to heart attacks or kidney diseases.

Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Principal Professor Dr. Al-Fareed Zafar said the rate of high blood pressure cases in Pakistan was very high. "That's because people don't have the facilities to develop healthy habits," he added. He said that the blood pressure rate in women was increasing more than in men in the country. He said that among the causes of blood pressure, the culture of the environment was a major influence on the natural tendencies of the human being and the state of cleanliness. "If the surrounding environment of a person...

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