Hundreds of lawyers storm cardiology hospital in Lahore.


LAHORE -- At least Six patients lost their lives and several others were injured after a mob of disgruntled lawyers stormed the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC), ransacked the hospital wards and operation theatres and tortured the staff and visitors. Bushra Bibi was also among the deceased, whose death was confirmed by her son present on the scene. However, the Young Doctors Association (YDA) claimed that at least 12 patients had died during the violent clashes. The number of deceased could increase as some patients in critical condition were left unattended after the lawyers barged inside emergency wards, said Grand Health Alliance (GHA) Chairman Dr Salman Haseeb. The lawyers were protesting against a video that went viral on social media on Tuesday,

in which a doctor is seen narrating an encounter with some lawyers in front of a group. According to the doctor in the video, a group of lawyers had gone to the inspector general of police and told him to charge 'two doctors' under Section 7 of ATA. He narrated that the IG had refused while the lawyers had urged him to press charges, saying 'they could save face' that way. Lawyers initially blocked the entry and exit points of the hospital, which led to a violent scuffle between the staff and lawyers. According to reports and the video footage, the protesting lawyers damaged equipment inside and broke windows of the hospital as well as cars parked outside.

The protesters also smashed doors of emergency theatres and staff barely escaped the violence. Meanwhile, the lawyers also attacked media personnel on the site with stones. A female reporter, Kinza Malik, of a private media outlet was injured...

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