HPC organizes solidarity rally with Pak Army.

HARIPUR -- Members of the Haripur Press Club (HPC) Friday organized a solidarity rally in support of the Pakistan Army. The rally started from the Haripur Press Club and concluded at Sadiq Akbar Chowk, passing through Circular Road, Sain Seheli Road, and Main Bazaar.

The rally included the participation of district presidents of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, Prince Hamed Shah, district president of PPP Zulfiqar Qureshi, Aurangzeb Mughal, provincial leader Dr. Shasta, Chairman Farogh Nizariya Pakistan Qazi Muhammad Saeed Advocate, president Chairman Association of District Haripur Malik Faisal Iqbal Khan, President HPC Zaker Tanoli, and leaders of the JUI, along with a large number of religious and political party workers, businessmen, and journalists.

Addressing the rally, the organizers strongly condemned the events of May 9 and expressed complete solidarity with the Pakistan Army. They stated that they would not allow any propaganda campaign against the Pakistan Army and other national...

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