How the legacy lives.

Pakistan is no exception where government leadership is out to justify their policies, programs and personal conduct, while opposition pointing out the weaknesses and flawed policies of government. The phenomenon is same in all Continents but with varying degrees and in different forms. Covid-19 is telling it all in different ways.

At the core of this are not the citizens, who sent them to manage country, but the power which all governments want to retain and opposition eyeing to replace them to gain the power. Other than that, most of the leadership has no motivation to leave behind the legacy that lives on. Therefore the elements for legacy to live on are missing.

Let's step back in time and recall what lives on. What lives on are outstanding achievements like: creation of countries such as Pakistan, feat of art like Picasso, architecture like Pyramids, cities like Moen Jo Daro, security wall like Great Wall of China, scientific discoveries such as Newton's law of gravity, and the great Islamic civilization. These not only remind us of grandeur and scientific development but of natural disasters which buried them to be excavated later for us to see the history.

Behind each of these achievements was the leadership which by sheer dint of their characters achieved them. Leadership with strong moral character, knowledge, power over people by force or strength of honesty, sincerity, genuinely humble,truthful, open and transparent personal life, ability to command respect and trust for people to obey,good heart with no ego and arrogance. Humility is visible in walk and the talk of the leadership.

Leader must be consistent in his life. We do not have to cross borders but to see the life of our Quaid-i-Azam Jinnah who was an embodiment of strength of character with patience and perseverance in his cause to achieve a nation for Muslims after a political struggle of about half a century. Nelson Mandela is unparalleled not only in his perseverance by living in small prison room in Robin Island for quarter century and after release did not talk of revenge but built a nation of oppressed and oppressors free from Apartheid.

History tells us that when the leadership get the divine guidance with Quran - a complete code of living and ethics, like that of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) it brings the...

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