Honda atlas cars Pakistan and CarFirst jointly offer the exchange program to customers.


Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL), and CarFirst, Pakistan's most trusted used car trading platform, bring the "Exchange Program powered by CarFirst" to Pakistan. Customers will be able to bring their used cars of any brand and exchange with a brand new Honda at various Honda dealerships across Pakistan. The program initiative commenced from Honda City Sales Center in Lahore and will now be offered at various Honda dealerships nationwide.

The Exchange Program allows customers to get a brand new Honda with three hassle-free steps: Visit a CarFirst Kiosk at a Honda dealership, have your old car inspected and priced, and instantaneously sell your old car to CarFirst and book your brand new Honda with expedited delivery. With this program, as opposed to getting cash for your old car, it allows you to trade up your old car for new Honda, by offsetting the value of your old car against the price of the new Honda. Once the value of the old car has been agreed between the seller and CarFirst, the difference is paid by the seller at the time of booking a new Honda. Customers who sell their car through CarFirst will receive priority...

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