High-rise buildings violating of environmental laws, SEPA is silent.

KARACHI -- Many construction projects of residential and commercial buildings being constructed allegedly in violation of environmental laws in various localities of metropolis.

Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has completely failed to stop such projects being carried out against environmental law.

According to details many project are being constructed in violation of some clauses of the environmental law in different part of city while SEPA has issued environmental protection order (EPO) to some under construction project.

According to sources after issuing EPO builders are forced to negotiate and after bargaining an NOC has been issued to Construction Company.

According to Sindh Environmental Protection Act 2014, it is mandatory for all development projects in Sindh to obtain their environmental approval NOC from SEPA.

On other hand SEPA's officers are facilitating the construction companies in fulfilling a formality of the EIA (environmental impact assessment) process, by referring blue-eyed Environmental consultant for having their own kickbacks and construction companies are hiring those consultants because they need NOC anyhow.

As per details SEPA has completely failed to enforce its authority as high-rise projects are being constructed all over the city even in red-zone which do not meet the standard of EIA but NOC are being issued through blue-eyed Environmental consultant.

Former Secretary Environment Climate Change and Coastal Development, Dr. Saeed Ahmed Mangnejo has also submitted its report against SEPA working and its staff but nothing action was taken.

As per law before commencing...

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