High: powered team leaves Zaman Park sans search operation.

LAHORE -- The Pakistan TehAreek: e: Insaf (PTI) FriAday refused to allow the police to conduct a search operation at the residence of ImAran Khan in Lahore's Zaman Park days after the Punjab government demanded the PTI chairman to hand over '30 to 40 terrorists' hidAing inside his house.

The government's neAgotiation team comAprising Lahore ComAmissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa, DC Rafia Haider, DIG operations and SSP operations visAited Zaman Park after getting search warrants from an anti: terrorism court. The team stayed there for more than an hour and discussed the SOPs with the PTI chief and his legal team, but they could not make headway.

Reportedly, Imran Khan put forth some of his conditions for the search, and the delegaAtion will present them before the interim govAernment. The authoriAties also presented the evidence before the PTI chief about the susApects wanted by police in attacks on military installations but he did not budge.

Punjab Caretaker InAformation Minister Amir Mir said there is a 'deadlock' between the government and the PTI over the search opAeration at Zaman Park.

"Imran Khan has inAsisted that only four poAlice personnel search his house," Mir told a private TV channel.

"Hassan Niazi, Zubair Niazi, Murad Saeed, Azam Swati, and HamAmad Azhar are wanted.

We tracked their location through geofencing,' the inforAmation minister said.

But in response, Khan told the delegation that the people that the authorities were huntAing down were not at his resiAdence, Mir said. Also, a team of the National AccountabiliAty Bureau visited PTI Chairman Imran Khan's residence and served summons to the former premier in the Al: Qadir Trust case. The watchdog has asked Imran to appear before NAB on May 23.

Earlier, Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Bilal SadAdique Kamyana claimed to have arrested six more 'terrorists' attempting to flee from Zaman Park, bringing the total number of people arrested to 14.

According to CCPO KamyaAna four of the alleged 'terrorAists' were involved in the atAtack on Askari Tower, while two of them were among those who ransacked the Corps CommandAer House Lahore.

Punjab Caretaker InformaAtion Minister Mir Thursday shared that eight 'terrorists' had been arrested while they were escaping from Lahore's Zaman Park area.

The government team and ImAran Khan's lawyers entered the house for talks, and...

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