HF's dialogue mulls over knowledge-based development strategy towards economic recovery.

ISLAMABAD -- As a part of their efforts to deal with the situation in Pakistan's scenario and come up with an effective strategy, Hashoo Foundation (HF) together with the government on Wednesday organized an exclusive and innovative Round Table Dialogue as the first of a series of a pilot initiative demonstrating the Pakistani resilience and wisdom in seeking insights from the international intellectual capital available in Islamabad.

Hashoo Foundation is a knowledge based and nonpartisan not-for-profit organization with the mission to leverage knowledge as capital to help bring about socio-economic uplift, a news release said.

The Round Table Dialogue invited a select group of committed people from Ambassadors to Business leaders to Academicians to give input towards trade and economic recovery solutions under the current context.

The event resonated with positive discussions and resulted in a wide range of practical opportunities for economic growth with a special focus on the themes of economic policies in times of uncertainty, small industries and value addition in the Pakistan context, technology transfer for economic growth, and suitable fiscal strategies for sustainable development. Experts of the field also discussed how trade can facilitate economic recovery and social development.

Such situations of recessions and uncertainties result in inequitable economic growth, but economic activities do not come to a halt rather they adapt to the context and the risk is that they are concentrated in small groups.

As knowledge leaders and global partners, all stakeholders of the global polity often engage to facilitate how best nonpartisan SDGs actors in both private and public sectors can continue with their services to consumers or citizens in such...

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