Heatwave likely to grip city from May 1.

KARACHI -- The Met office on Saturday warned that the city would witness severe weather next week when the temperature could touch 40 degrees Celsius amid obstruction of the sea breeze for at least three days, strengthening chances of a heatwave.

An official said that the heatwave could grip Karachi between May 1 and 3. It also advised Karachiites to stay indoors and take all measures to keep themselves hydrated in case of movement under the sun

'A heatwave is likely to grip Karachi during May 1 and 3,' said the Met office alert. 'Day maximum temperature would range in 40-42 [degrees] C during this period. Winds flow will be from north/northwest during daytime. The authorities and all stakeholders are requested to take precautionary measures and keep them abreast for update from Met office.'

Met office director Sardar Sarfaraz said that because of the influence of the westerly system...

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