Healthy discussions vital for solving societal problems: KU VC.

KARACHI -- The University of Karachi's Department of Islamic History, and Karachi University of Center of Excellence for Women Studies in collaboration with the Islamic Academic Forum (Sindh) organized a day-long national seminar on 'Transgender Act 2018 and Sida Domestic Violence Bill 2020: research overview and recommendations' at the CEWS Auditorium.

KU Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi said that society should arrange seminars on such topics from different aspects so that people could learn more about the real issues, said a spokesperson of the KU on Wednesday.

He termed that healthy discussions with positive mindsets are essential for solving the problems faced by the people living in any society.

He urged that people should have the ability and capacity to listen to others' points of view and also respect their vision regardless they agree with their logic or not.

Meanwhile, a member of the Islamic Ideological Council of Pakistan Dr Umair Mahmood Siddiqui while discussing the decision of the Federal Sharia Court highlighted various aspects of the Transgender Act and especially a provision in the bill according to which a transgender person will have the right to be identified as male or female, whereas in Islam, gender is determined only on the basis of biological composition.

He shared that Islamic orders and rituals depend on gender and not on inner feelings.

Another speaker, Shoaib Madani from Shaoor Foundation and other experts on Islamic and social sciences spoke about the topic and informed the...

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