Health minister warns of glaucoma's silent threat to sight on World Sight Day.

LAHORE -- Caretaker Punjab Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Dr. Jamal Nasir emphasised the importance of raising awareness about glaucoma, a condition he referred to as the "silent killer of sight."

Speaking at a seminar in observance of World Sight Day, organized by the Al-Mustafa Trust here on Friday, Dr. Jamal Nasir underscored that glaucoma is not only the most dangerous eye disease but also the leading cause of blindness worldwide.

Dr. Nasir revealed alarming statistics, stating that over seven million people worldwide are affected by glaucoma, and tragically, about one million individuals in Pakistan have lost their sight due to this insidious disease. He stressed that to combat eye diseases effectively, it is imperative to control diabetes, blood pressure, and air pollution, as these factors have a detrimental impact on vision. Dr. Nasir highlighted that individuals with diabetes and high blood pressure are more susceptible to developing glaucoma.

The minister also shared a ray of hope, noting that early diagnosis and treatment can control a staggering 80 percent of glaucoma cases. He pointed out that individuals aged 40 and above, as well as those with weak eyesight, are at higher risk of developing glaucoma. Moreover, Dr. Nasir emphasized the importance of regular eye check-ups for family members if the disease is present in one individual.

He cautioned that symptoms of...

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