Health minister stresses action plan against dangerous diseases.

LAHORE -- Punjab Caretaker Health MinisAter Dr Javed Akram has stressed a well: coordinated action plan to protect citizens from dangerAous diseases. As the chief guest, he was addressing the 2nd Joint External Evaluation Pakistan 2023 seminar, organised jointly by the World Health OrganisaAtion, Ministry of National Health and Department of Primary and Secondary Healthcare DepartAment at a local hotel on Friday.

He said the whole world was using modern research and technology to prevent dangerAous diseases. He said the disAease had no border or red line and prevention was always betAter than cure. The provincial health minister said that proAviding better health facilities to people was the first priority of the Punjab government. AccordAing to the vision of Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, primary angioplasty facilities were beAing provided to patients in all cardiology hospitals round the clock. He said that plans to proAvide better healthcare facilities to the people should not be for a short period of time but on regular basis, adding that plans should always be made on a scientific basis. He said the Children's Hospital...

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