HBL sponsored PSL to highlight positive image of Pakistan: Ali Habib.

ISLAMABAD -- Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Ali Habib on Thursday said the purpose of HBL's investment in Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 8 was to highlight the positive image of Pakistan and promote healthy activities in the country.

Speaking at a morning show aired by a private TV channel, he said HBL had been working for the last 75 years in Pakistan, and "we are investing in PSL just for the country's dignity without taking into consideration the profit and loss."

He asserted that Pakistan needs more events like HBL-PSL.

'We have to understand that the PSL is not merely a game but a soft diplomacy act' owing to which the image of Pakistan is improving in the world. The foreign players, who come to play in Pakistan, leave a good impression on their return, he added.

He said the HBL-PSL has become the 2nd largest cricket league in the world. Though there were many problems with the HBL-PSL, the good thing was that the series continues.

The HBL-PSL has a large network, including...

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