Haripur DC calls officials over felling of trees.

HARIPUR -- Deputy commissioner of Haripur Arifullah Awan has called the Pakistan Telecommuni-cation Company Limited director and district forest officer to his office today (Monday) over the felling of rare sheesham trees in the T and T Colony.

The development comes on the complaint of the PTCL workers.

The residents told reporters that healthy trees were chopped down on the greenbelt in the backyard of C-8 official bungalow and on the side of an orchard located opposite the Estate Office.

Some PTCL workers also objected to the felling of green trees but the lumberjacks using automatic saws didn't halt the activity.

The fellers claimed that the PTCL director had asked them to cut down trees.

However, a protest by PTCL workers and the arrival of journalists...

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