Hareem wishes Indian artistes come to Pakistan for collaborations.


LAHORE -- Actress Hareem Farooq has categorically stated that she will not work in a Bollywood film as so much work still needs to be done here in Pakistan.

The actress said this in a live interview with fashion designer HSY on his Instagram account, according to a press release.

The question popped up when the designer asked Farooq whether she would ever do an Indian film, and her reply was an instant 'No'. She explained that though she had grown up on Bollywood movies, loved them like any other person and had it at the back of her head that she wanted to go to Bollywood some day, but her thought process changed when she started working here in Pakistan.

She said saw that so much work needed to be done in the Pakistani film industry that had a long way to go. She was optimistic that one day the Pakistani industry would flourish so much that...

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