Hanif Kureishi undergoes spine operation after terrible fall.

KARACHI -- British-Pakistani writer of The Buddha of Suburbia, the international bestseller of 1990, Hanif Kureishi collapsed in Rome and says he may not be able to walk or write again. He wrote in a tweet that since the incident that occurred a few days before New Year, he is unable to move his arms or legs, Dawn.com reported.

The Oscar-nominated scriptwriter and author said in a series of tweets on Friday that he thought he was dying after the fall. 'I had just seen Mo Salah score against Aston Villa, sipped half a beer, when I began to feel dizzy. I lent forward and put my head between my legs; I woke up a few minutes later in a pool of blood, my neck in a grotesquely twisted position, my wife on her knees beside me,' he wrote.

The author is in hospital and has had a spine operation that led to only 'minor improvements'.

The 68-year-old said he felt like 'he had become divorced' from himself and believed he was dying and had only 'three breaths left'.

British-Pakistani writer unclear if he'll ever be able to hold a pen

'From the floor my wife heard my frantic shouting. She saved my life and kept me calm. For a few days I was profoundly traumatised, altered and unrecognisable to myself. I am in the hospital. I cannot move move my arms and legs,' Kureishi said.

He added that he cannot even scratch his nose or make a phone call or even feed...

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